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Hola! Hello!

I AM Liliana Venegas Rogers, transformational life consultant with a fun, spiritual, Latin twist!

Lost your passion for life,
love for yourself?

Reclaim it NOW!

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Get ready to add some meaning, passion & spice to your life.

Whether you are a career woman or a stay at home mom, if you are feeling drained, stuck, have lost your love for yourself and life or simply you are not sure what you really want, you been here is no accident.

I know how you feel, I was there, at the same place!! Feeling like I was slowly dying, all my energy and passion were slipping away, hiding from my friends because I didn’t want anybody to know the truth. I knew I had to do something, I knew I didn’t want to live like that. I knew I deserve to be happy and live an exciting, delicious life.

The good news is that I learned how to overcome those challenges and build a meaningful, passionate, successful life for myself, filled with self-love, inner peace, and confidence. And the same can happen to you.

What if you could start transforming your life today?

What if your discontent could be the catalyst for a better life?

Find Out How I Can Help You Transform Your Life

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The most important love…SELF-LOVE

Liliana Venegas Rogers offers coaching with a spiritual, fun, latin twist.
Liliana Venegas Rogers self love
Create a life you love with Liliana and Femelocity

For most of my life, I wasn’t very aware of ME. I hated myself for all my mistakes; I didn’t make a conscious effort to love myself. As part of my journey, I learned that the person I need to love the most is ME! I learned how to accept ME with all my imperfections. I discovered how to be kind, loving and compassionate towards myself in any situation.

As a result, now I'm comfortable looking at myself in the mirror, kissing my cheeks while I say,

“I love you, you are beautiful!”

I have a strong desire to share this gift with as many women as possible. I'd love to help you, too!
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Work with me!

At this point, you are probably thinking, “Wow, that is cool, I also want to live a meaningful, delicious, passionate life!” However, you are probably also thinking, “Why Liliana? What is special about her?”

That’s a great question! There are a plenty of great life coaches to pick from.
Here’s what sets me apart…

I’m very passionate about spirituality, transformation and personal development, have spent many years mentoring from several mentors: Mary Morrissey, Christy Witman, Tony Robbins, John Assaraf, Lisa Sasevich, Nick Ortner, just to name a few.

Dream Builder®

Clarify your dreams, define your goals, learn the techniques and develop the confidence to make your dreams into a reality. Learn more about the Dream Builder Program

Stayin' Aligned

Finished the Dream Builder® Program and want more? Let’s keep the energy high and aligned with your dreams. Let me show you how! Learn more about the Dream Builder Maintenance Program

The Vision

Free Master Class: 3 Keys to Accelerating your Results! Unlock the code to harness your life’s purpose and the delicious life you deserve! Learn more about The Vision Workshop

Mastering Self-Love

Master how to be kind, loving and compassionate toward yourself in any situation; conquer limiting beliefs and maximize your sense of deserving. Learn more about the VIP Program


I was certified by Mary Morrissey on the 12-week transformational program called Dream Builder®; as I was going through the program as a client, I took note of the key places to integrate elements from the other systems.
My main offer is the Dream Builder® Program with complementary meditations and processes.

I already have clients who are conquering their worlds… isn’t it time you joined in?

Work with me to feel energized, rejuvenated, alive and ready to conquer your world.

She makes deep growth so easy and fun

Liliana’s compassion, zest for life, possibility-consciousness, and sense of play make her an expert coach to guide you through your perceived limitations and back into your power and passion for life! She makes deep growth so easy and fun that you often don’t even realize it’s happening until you notice things in your life changing in wonderful, surprising ways. Best of all, you realize that you’ve changed inside, and there’s now a calm, consistent, joyful center within you. If you’re considering working with Liliana, stop considering and just go for it – I promise your future self with thank you for it!

Joanna Gamez, Arizona, Chemical Engineer and Transformational Coach

My life has transformed in new and refreshing ways

Coaching with Liliana has been a great experience for me. She knows when to listen, when to challenge, when to comfort and when to offer compassion, wisdom or resources, at the perfect time. Liliana has been a reliable, trustworthy, cheerful companion to my inner light and under her guidance my life has transformed in new and refreshing ways, in ways that I never dreamed possible for me.

Natalia Rodriguez, Private Practice Psychotherapy, Costa Rica

A bountiful, rewarding experience

Coaching with Liliana is a bountiful, rewarding experience. Liliana is knowledgeable and heart centered, with a deep loving desire to serve others. She brings all of this to her coaching sessions. Engage with Liliana and she can help you along your journey. She did this for me.

Tony McMahon, retired, Spain