3 Lessons I Learned in My First 2 Months of Entrepreneurship

Liliana Venegas Rogers Blog

Hola Beautiful,
Today I want to share with you three lessons I learned in my first two months of Entrepreneurship.

April 13, 2018 was my last day at corporate America; finally, the moment that I had dreamed and waited for; the moment to turn my ‘hobby’ coaching practice into a real business. I was ready to take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship.

I had so many plans and beliefs on how it would be, of all the things I would get done, all the books to read, classes to take, skills to master; I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but nothing could had prepared me for the ‘LIFE SHOCK’ the last two months had been; completely CRAZY!!

Even though I successfully worked from home for the last 8 years and I was very responsible at keeping a schedule when nobody was looking and being very productive, now that I am my own boss, I’m a complete mess!! Yes, I have accomplished some things but mostly I feel like time is slipping through my fingers – I’m writing this blog at 11:34 PM instead of 1:00 PM which is was my plan when I started my day.

To make matters worse, my intention of getting up at 5:00 AM like many successful people do didn’t go very well with my life style. I have always been a night person and this last two months intensify that; I have been working until 2:00 AM, I give myself at least 6 hours to sleep which puts my wake-up alarm time at 8:00 AM the earliest, messing up with my daily exercise routine as well 😬. Messy, Messy!!

Even my 12-year-old daughter told me today: Mom, I don’t want you to start you own company anymore; you are always busy and short with me ;-(.

All kinds of emotions and ideas have crossed my mind, from the super excited first two weeks, to the what the f*&^ were you thinking, to the “I don’t want to this anymore”, to the realization that my kids are watching and I’m shaping their future with my behavior – I CAN’T FAIL!!

After all the chaos, how am I surviving my transition into entrepreneurship? I’m getting reconnected with the spiritual side of my journey.

A week ago, I found an online program ’21 days of prayer to change your life’.

Following this program reminded me of three key points:

1. I have been so focused on the DO, DO, DO that I forgot the ‘WHY’. I realized I was completely disconnected from my dream and my purpose. I realized I need to get reconnected with my dream and my WHY. I started to journal again.

2. The most beautiful feeling: IM NOT ALONE. I’m being held BY LOVE and I’m held IN LOVE. A LOVE that is greater than my own thinking.

3. There is a master plan bigger that my own understanding and I’m an important part of it. My job is to have faith and do my best.

It’s remarkable, how I feel after a couple of days reconnecting to my dream and my Higher Power; I feel like I’m ‘high’ all the time, like I’m in a magical movie. No, I’m not high on anything other than Love & Faith.

Have I learned and grown a lot? ABSOLUTELY!

Do I think all this madness is worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

Do I think I will succeed? ABSOLUTELY!

Have you been on a similar situation?

How did you survive?

I would love to read your comments.