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At this point, you are probably thinking, “Wow, that is cool, I also want to live a meaningful, delicious, passionate life!” However, you are probably also thinking, “Why Liliana? What is special about her?”

That’s a great question! There are a plenty of great life coaches to pick from.
Here’s what sets me apart…

I’m very passionate about spirituality, transformation and personal development, have spent many years mentoring from several mentors: Mary Morrissey, Christy Witman, Tony Robbins, John Assaraf, Lisa Sasevich, Nick Ortner, just to name a few.

Dream Builder®

Clarify your dreams, define your goals, learn the techniques and develop the confidence to make your dreams into a reality. Learn more about the Dream Builder Program

Stayin' Align

Finished the Dream Builder® Program and want more? Let’s keep the energy high and aligned with your dreams. Let me show you how! Learn more about the Dream Builder Maintenance Program

The Vision

Free Master Class: 3 Keys to Accelerating your Results! Unlock the code to harness your life’s purpose and the delicious life you deserve! Learn more about The Vision Workshop

Mastering Self-Love

Master how to be kind, loving and compassionate toward yourself in any situation; conquer limiting beliefs and maximize your sense of deserving. Learn more about the VIP Program

Yes, it’s my time

Some people live 99 years, but MOST people live 1 year 99 times.

This is your time to create a life you LOVE living. Invest in yourself. Invest in your dreams. It’s the best investment anyone can make.

Each month, between my speaking and coaching schedule, I carve out time for a few complimentary Strategy Sessions to determine how to best serve my clients and if we are a good fit to work together.

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